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Be it a waiter that remembers you drink your Martini with vodka instead of Gin, or a chambermaid who arranges your son’s bear ‘Cuddles’ as if he’s been fast asleep all day: nothing beats the feeling of being treated as if you’re a hotel’s most cherished guest.

Susana Tejada, CEO of It Mallorca Unique Spaces, wholeheartedly believes that true luxury service is all about listening to clients’ individual needs and making meaningful connections knows this all too well. Susana attaches a lot of importance to employees who thrive on connecting with guests and are the kind of people who carry out small acts of kindness, naturally, ensuring our guests enjoy an ambiance where time seems to slow from the moment they’re greeted at the entrance and welcomed into a world where everyone smiles, is helpful and says “hello”.

At It Mallorca, we wholeheartedly believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. We actively seek new opportunities for our staff members and are keen to invest in their ongoing training and development.

We are proud to say that staff members stay with us for many years, which means hotel guests will only encounter happy, highly motivated and experienced personnel.

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“All the buildings that house our hotels have had prior lives and are made up of thousands of stories. In fact, the idea of adding new bricks to Mallorca seems totally absurd to me. Especially on an island which abounds in gorgeous, obsolete buildings begging to be resurrected to their former glory. Each hotel has been a labour of love –Cristina Marti, my talented architect wife, and I have worked tirelessly to capture the true heart of the properties. Now, they can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, not to mention set the scene for thousands of new and fascinating stories.

My passion for this beautiful island and its breath-taking sceneries is further reflected in the group’s strong environmental values. All IT Mallorca’s hotels celebrate local ingredients, ecological products and natural, sustainable materials. My aim is for IT Mallorca’s hotels to be living proof that luxury travel and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive.

I’ve endeavoured to create escapes where my friends, family and I would choose to stay; one where time seems to slow as soon as you step inside. Places where you’ll feel completely at ease and where you can truly experience Mallorca, its laid-back vibe and sunny lifestyle. From a receptionist letting a guest in on top-secret chiringuitos to a waiter talking a guest into jumping off Cala Varques’ cliff, irresistible slices of Mallorcan living come courtesy of a stay in an IT Mallorca hotel”.

Miguel Conde
Owner of IT Mallorca


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