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Mallorca from another point of view

Mallorca-based artists Jose Taltavull and Xim Izquierdo bring life to “As Above So Below”, a black and white art collection, especially created for our sea house, Calatrava, with front views to Palma’s bay. 87 photographs that capture the beauty of Mallorca and the sea. “Our version of the island is understood underwater or by boat”.

The artist-duo’s main obsession is to push boundaries and show the authentic Mallorca, away from masses and stereotypes, and its natural beauty.

The horizon is the line that divides the work of both artists, who mix depth and simplicity in a collection removed from the traditional “hotel art”. Xim captures the Mallorca he dives and Jose the one we see on the surface while sailing.

Discover our house another way, through the reflections and the optical game offered by their work. 

Together we invite you to embrace Mallorca from another point of view, uncovering its purest raw version.



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