With purpose

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It Mallorca was born with the aim of guaranteeing well-being.

The art of Mallorca

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Palma de Mallorca is home of emerging art, the finest craftsmanship and a genuine way of living rooted in history and culture.

Summer Loading…

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All the shades of blue you can imagine. Mallorca’s waters are turquoise, baby blue, cyan…if the colour is not enough just add small sandy beaches and coves hidden among rocks and cliffs.


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Stay at the very heart of creative Palma’s Old Quarter. Located between Sant Jaume’s church and Santa Maria Magdalena’s convent, Sant Jaume is the ideal city base, from which to directly jump into the vibrant culture, shopping and gastronomy of Palma de Mallorca.

Back to the rural life

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The Mallorcan fields are stained with colors, the almond trees in bloom, the mild climate, smells of reunion and the awakening of new emotions. Mallorca in Spring.